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A Semi-Canon Dragonriders of Pern AU
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Welcome to Pern: Year 0

Only months after settling on Pern, tragedy has struck the colonists. An organism the colonists have termed "Thread" has come to Pern and with it, the knowledge that the paradise planet is no longer safe for its human inhabitants. As the Pernese begin to sift through the devastation left behind by First Fall, they're dealt an additional blow when news spreads that Admiral Valeria Forrester and Governor Rehan Kasabian are among the dead. With no one to lead them through their darkest hour, the remaining members of the Governor's council must step forward and take charge before what little that remains falls apart.

A month after the disastrous First Fall, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of dragon eggs. Created by geneticists Dr. Priyanka Rao and Erik Alvarsson, the fifty-two eggs rest in a well guarded incubator within the safety of Landing's genetics lab. While the wonder that is the eggs has only just been discovered by the Heads of Landing's various Departments, news of their arrival will soon spread throughout the colony. Little do they know, Erik has slipped secrets into the clutch during the creation process. Whatever the outcome of his actions, the eggs may very well be what the colony needs to continue moving forward.

Currently at Chronicles
» Our Candidate Questionnaire has been made available for members to fill out for their characters. Some OOC details about the first dragon and wher hatching are currently available, but more information will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the hatching.

» The cut off for candidate questionnaires is February 1st, with the hatching scheduled to begin February 11th.

» Dragons and whers will be custom-made for your character!

» The First Fall plot line is ongoing, and members are encouraged to "discover" things that might help the colony survive.

» The site store offers unique ability upgrades to characters and dragonkin. Be sure to check out all of the interesting pets, too!

» February 1st marks our 4th month open, and we're still going strong! We have friendly members, a dedicated staff team, a slice of life environment, and member driven plots. Stop on by, have a chat, and see if we might be what you're looking for!

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