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Love As Thou Wilt

Kushiel's legacy I

Would you like to be a young noble playing the games of thrones or courtship? Or perhaps an adept in the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers, a Cassiline Brother, the Royal Admiral, or a Menekhetan diplomat?

The Kushiel RPG is a play-by-email roleplaying game based on Jacqueline Carey's bestselling Kushiel's Legacy books. We are starting a NEW GAME. This game is set 300 years before the events of Kushiel's Dart. Come join us for intrigue, fetes, assignations, and more!

To play, you must be 18 years or older and join both the Kushiel RPG and Kushiel RPG OOC lists.
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You wake up in a bright white bedroom in a lengthy twin bed. The sheets are stiff and the pillow is harder than it looks. An entire wall is made of glass and you can't tell where the door might be hidden in it. Your clothes are your own and you still have everything on you before you arrived here. You don't seem to have been touched at first glance, but there's a stiff pain in the side of your neck. A quick glance in the mirror shows an injection site - a round bruise roughly the size of a dime. It's then that the glass wall flickers on like a television screen. A man (or at least they appear to be a man) dressed in a white lab coat smiles at you, ready to give you a little information on what is going on.

Welcome to Proxima Gamma.

Proxima Gamma is a panfandom science fiction/fantasy sex game set in a man made world in an unknown universe. It is a spin off of the original game [community profile] proximabeta, loosely tied to the original island and the original plot. While it appears that the world is a massive island, it is encased in a large dome, the sky made of projectors that mimic various weather patterns, but can also be used to make large announcements as a giant television screen that everyone will notice. The island is free to travel at will, with a vast amount of varying wildlife that some may not even find familiar to anything they've seen in their own worlds.

The dome is a world made by scientists running a group of social experiments for purposes they seem currently unwilling to share. Proxima Beta was considered a failure and was quickly destroyed when the scientists were unable to obtain their desired data. Proxima Gamma was conceptualized and built in hopes of expanding their research and continuing the search for the perfect test subjects from across the universes.

Each experiment runs for approximately two weeks - some longer, some shorter, but there's always only one way to stop them; to participate in some form of sexual contact with another affected member of the island. Experiments are often done in groups, but individualized unique tests have also been known to commonly happen inside the dome. Those who fail to participate in the experiments assigned to them will be given a shot of heavy aphrodisiacs to encourage them to complete their tasks. Those who participate willingly will be given rewards; a trinket from home or constant access to their powers from their own worlds.

All new arrivals will have a chip inserted into their neck. The chip seems to be incapable of being removed, though those who wish to test the theory can certainly try their best to find willing participants. They are the source of the scientists abilities to control their experiments and they will do everything in their power to make sure that their tests subjects are unable to tamper with their results.
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Creature FAQ
Realms - A Guide
Mortal Realm Locations
Faerie Locations
Cast List

Most Needed Characters

Dwarven King**
Unseelie King**
Seelie Queen**
Seelie Fae
Female Dwarves
Goblin Warlord
Hybrids of all kinds.

** Notes an adoptable character.
Once, long ago, the creatures known collectively as 'the Fae' lived among the mortals known as humans. Often, they would shepherd the younger race in more positive directions - though at times they could cause discord due to their natural tendency towards dominance or mischief. After a span of time, however, humanity began to grow in to its own. Their cultures expanded in earnest away from the Fae and their teachings. As humanity swelled and built itself up, those of the Fae watched with growing tension. Thus, most of the Fae races came together to birth forth their own place of sanctuary - moving from the human world, and in to their own realm. From time to time, they would visit humanity to give help or to use it as a retreat from their own woes in the realm they'd created. To this day, there are portals which lay open between the realms. While the traffic back and forth is slow, it still does happen. What is it like when these worlds collide?

Welcome to Mirage, a modern fantasy/supernatural RPG which takes place in the fictional town of Greenbrier, New York and the Faerie Realm. While most of the citizens of Greenbrier are unaware of it, their town plays host to a very large and well used portal in to Faerie. Writers may house their characters either in the human side of the portal, or in Faerie itself - according to what is appropriate for their character. We are hoping for a thriving community filled with talented writers and unique, wonderful characters to interact with. So, what shall Mirage hold for your creations?

Note - If you need an invite code, please leave a note.

GAME OPEN & ACTIVE SINCE 6/5/13! Join today>>>>>

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The spells and wards that once kept Attollo hidden and protected from outside forces have weakened and finally collapsed, leading to the invasion of the realm and the subsequent overthrowing of Arawn and his brethren. A much stronger and far more sinister and malevolent force has taken the reins. They have transformed the land, giving the darker nature of Attollo a chance to come forth and overrun the entire land.

Zul, the Wise of an ancient sect of immortal mages, Esha, the queen of all Succubi and Vozar, the Fallen One and purveyor of temptation have joined their considerable forces together to overthrow the old rulers of Attollo and imprison them where they can never been found. However, it doesn’t just stop at Attollo. They have many more plans and far reaching goals they wish to achieve and they shall do so by any means necessary. Thus the embassaries are task with finding and recruiting the souls that are needed to help their masters achieve their goals.

❖ ❖ ❖

Welcome to Languishment, a panfandom, sex-oriented roleplaying game set in the dark, mysterious and fantastical world of Attollo. Drawn in from an array of different dimensions and thrust into a world of magic and supernatural phenomena, characters are not just seen as an experiment any longer, but they are also seen as tools and a means to an end. The new rulers of this world are hungry for more power, but usurping entire realms is energy draining. Thus that is where the newcomers come in. They aim to tempt, seduce and cajole their new guests to fuel their plans. Those who chose to fight against their gracious offers will find that life will grow increasingly more difficult. A character’s mettle will be tested as they are presented with their deepest desires and their worst fears. Can they hope to stand up to such powerful forces or will they succumb to temptation?

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