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We are a Kingdom Hearts rp forum, looking for players. Our story takes place in the same universe, but a different galaxy - 60 years after the Keyblade War. Light and Dark are still key elements, but are kept in balance through highly protected Crystals. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to check us out, look around, don't be afraid to ask us any questions you might have. Our list of available canon characters consist of Final Fantasy characters previously not seen in a KH setting, and we encourage OCs. We hope you join us for some oldfashioned forum rp funtimes. We officially open August 1st, so you have time to look around and decide if this is something you want to join.

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opening november 1st!

Armageddon. Apocalypse. End of Days.

You have all heard the words used before. Some of you might even know the lore. None of you, however, expected it to go down quite like this.

The world is in the process of dying. Disease and destruction ravage the land. Cities lie in ruins and entire civilizations have fallen virtually overnight. Humanity is becoming an endangered species with each passing day.

Don't worry, though, it's all going according to plan. What plan, you might ask? Why, God's plan, of course. Granted the instructions aren't always very clear and can be open to interpretation - wording really is funny that way - but the general concept is understood well enough. The two factions - Light and Darkness - will face off and, with the aid of an army, one side will be victorious while the other will be destroyed.

In short? Both sides are gearing up for the ultimate smackdown and have circumvented the walls of reality itself in order to bring in recruits to aid them in their ultimate victory.

So pick a side. Will you fight next to the Archangel Michael and help usher in a new Heaven on Earth? Or perhaps you're more comfortable following the Devil Himself into battle and ensuring your place as a king amongst captives when Hell takes over? Or maybe you're the risky type and want to stay neutral. Wait it out and see what happens. Whatever your choice, one thing is absolutely, crystal clear.

Once you've been recruited, you're here to stay. So choose wisely. Your future depends on it.

Welcome to the Endgame.

[The Endgame is a pan-fandom roleplay experience set in an Original Universe with heavy influence from the Christian concept of the end of times, with a significant twist. We have an over-arching storyline, with occasional moderator run subplots, and very much encourage player-based plots as well. All fictional characters are welcome, provided they fit into the overall concept of the game. The game is set to open on November 1st!]

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Exactly ten years have passed since the last Sorceress War. Not only have Squall Leonhart and his team gone on to become public figures in their respective fields of expertise, but the world itself has flourished. Esthar, the once reclusive technological marvel, lowers its cloaking devices in a show of faith to the rest of the world; the absence of Deling City's once tyrannical stronghold over the Galbadian continent allows the passion for transportation and telecommunication to make their triumphant return. A formerly sparse world map sees the reconstruction of towns desiccated by the strains of military occupation, and new settlements seem to pop up overnight.

People, however, are never far from conflict. Vinzer Deling was by no means the only man hungry for power, and the last decade has given rise to countless others poised for global domination. Religious zealots known as Hyne's Descendants decry the use of magic and Guardian Forces by those unworthy, and are rumored to have found ways of tampering with natural draw points to poison its users. Finally a group of concerned citizens, calling themselves Cultivators, advocate for the reformation or complete dismantling of Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia. In the absence of a Sorceress threat they are convinced Garden is but a breeding ground for trained mercenaries at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

Of course, those closely affiliated with the Gardens know that its services are needed now more than ever. A changing world leads to civil unrest, and there are fires big and small to be put out. Their mission statement may have begun with the protection of innocents against Sorceresses, but it certainly hasn't ended there. Our story carries on and the state of the future is still yet to be determined.

junctioned is a Final Fantasy VIII game set ten years after the fall of Ultimecia. It centers around Balamb Garden's staff and student body, with opportunities for further characterization elsewhere. We allow canon FFVIII characters, characters from other Final Fantasy games that can be edited to fit the setting, and original characters.

We've also got a couple of open slots for FF8 characters like Selphie, Irvine, Edea and Raijin! Check our wanted board for sought after lines and characters.


Jun. 16th, 2014 03:23 pm
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Welcome to Enkhel!
You have a dream of a strange-looking creature that offers your heart's desire in exchange for your soul. Little did you know the dream is real and you now have a tangible, physical item that you must protect or die.

Upon waking from the dream there is a large rotunda structure at the top of stone steps. There is nothing behind you except a dark-looking ocean, mountains to the left and the stairs going up. This is your new life.


Rotundus is a fantasy-driven game with elements of horror and slice-of-life thrown in. Your character arrives in the world of Enkhel, on a beach outside of the castle town of Rotundus. Characters have been "kidnapped" by Xanthus, the resident God of Enkhel, and must attempt to make a living in their new world.

NPC Locations Creatures Premise Home Worlds/Leaving Enkhel

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In the city of Moro-Umbra, dreaming is a luxury few can afford. Merciless beasts called shadows stalk the streets, eating the dreams of all who encounter them and leaving them a shell of their former selves, dreamless and hollow. With nothing to drive them, the general populace sinks into apathy.

But the NEIR Corporation has an answer. Using crystal technologies, they have summoned particularly strong dreamers from across the multiverse. With your help, they hope to restore Moro-Umbra to a city of safety and peace. Of course, they have to make sure the newly Crystal Dreamers get the job done - so they've provided a few incentives. Like, being unable to return home until a certain number of powerful shadows have been defeated.

❈ ❈ 
Crystal dreamers is a panfandom magical girl (boy, etc.) RP set in the fictional city of Moro-Umbra. When a character has a heartfelt dream, they wake to find themselves in the Neir Co headquarters and are presented with an opportunity to realise their dream. After defeating a certain number of evil shadows, they will be allowed to return home, and as a special bonus, their dream will be fulfilled. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? But there are things lurking behind the scenes of Moro-Umbra... and the shadows aren't even the worst of it. 


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History Rules Application Taken Characters Reserved Characters OOC Community

You might have heard of Liber Omne Omnis, but probably not. You may have heard it called The Ominous Library. Either way, you find yourself standing in a gigantic library, filled with a thousand books. This is one small part of Libre Omne Omnis. Like many others before you, you've been drawn to Library that exists between all realities. The books on the shelves contain the stories and histories of every reality and almost every person who ever existed. New books appear almost every day, to be sorted and shelved by the Teachers, an order of scholars dedicated to knowledge and sharing it.

Don't worry. You can come and go, as you please. The books are not mere paper, filled with precious words. They are portals to the realities they tell about. Any world or reality you've ever heard of can be accessed from the Library. Wonderland, Narnia, Neverland? All of these are at your fingertips. Merely take up the book and go adventuring! Beware though. Some realms are sweet places, but others are not. For every Land of Oz, there is a Land of Mordor. The Librarian will not be pleased, if you come back to the Library with Cthulhu on your heels!

The Library itself is not entirely safe. The Librarian does his or her best, but the books are easily opened and not always from the Library side. An unwary Reader is likely to stumble across an infestation of tribbles or find a plate of cookies that say Eat Me. Consume unattended food and drink at your own risk. Some things, despite the best efforts of the staff, have taken up permanent residence in the Library. More than one ghost now haunts the shelves in the horror section. Strange plants, animals, and voices should be reported immediately.

For those wanting to stay, the City of Liber provides free housing and the Library provides free meals and simple clothing. However, there is commerce in the city and every vendor will accept any known coin from the different realities. The people who find their way to the Library and the City of Liber are called Readers. Any Reader is free to start their own business, go to work for someone else, or simply spend their time adventuring.

Be warned! If you choose to engage in criminal activity, the Librarian is not a dusty person who puts away books. The office of Librarian exists to protect the Library and the City from anyone who would endanger it or the Readers. The Librarian is authorized to do whatever is necessary to keep the peace. You will get a trial, with a jury made up of Teachers, but Library justice is swift, if rarely fatal. If you get yourself into trouble in another reality, you are on your own, unless you can convince a friend to help you.

Upon entrance to the Library, every Reader is given a watch-like device, with a small video screen. The device can be used for audio, video, and texting communication. It works everywhere, no matter what the reality a person is in. The device also has a tracking device, making it easier to return to the Library. A Reader can still find their way back, without it, but it will be far more difficult and take more time. If you have any questions or problems, please speak with the Librarian.


Jun. 5th, 2014 06:59 am
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"It is not our responsibility to inform you of the capabilities you posses. We merely provide the tools and information necessary for the privilege of that discovery for yourself."
- Ingress Charter

Maybe you're drifting alone in the ocean. Maybe you're stuck pushing paper in an office. Maybe you're traveling at warp, cutting through space like melted butter. But where you are, or what you're doing doesn't matter. What matters is that something is bothering you, gnawing at you, begging you make a decision that will change your life forever. But before you can figure it out, you realize there's something that's bothering you more.

That door.

You could nearly swear that it wasn't there five seconds ago, but now that you see it, really focus on it, you can't look away. Everything about this door seems to reflect your essence, and either immediately or eventually, you are compelled to open it. Impossible to tell what lingers beyond the darkness of the other side, it could be answers to your questions, a journey you need to make, or just a bid for extra time.

Whatever your reasons for entering, keep them in mind, they may be your only way back.

Ingress is a high fantasy, action and introspection themed RPG played in the Dreamwidth community. Characters enter the world of Averde of their own volition, and must face the reasons for doing so in order to return home.

Ingress is a PG13 community and will contain violent themes in it's battle oriented plots.

In addition to the metaplot, Ingress will be a player-focused game. All player actions will have positive or negative consequences, and players will be encouraged to make decisions to move the game forward.

Check out our Logs, Network, Adventures, OOC, Playtest comms.

Ingress opens JULY 1st, 2014. Reserves and Apps open June 5th, 2014.


Come join us. Open the door.

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In the course of one night, the superhero community was changed.

Only a few short months ago, three of North America’s most loved and respected heroes vanished in a seemingly innocuous investigation of a sinkhole in the Mojave Desert. They went in alone, and they never came back. The hole filled itself in almost as quickly as it had appeared, and left only small traces of a crystalline mineral, of apparently alien origin. Though the mystery has yet to be solved, the nation has mourned, and now life must go on.

The remains of the Alpha Force team look to refill their very prestigious membership. CONDOR is on a hunt for answers. Paranoia rises in the hearts of other heroes - if the Alpha Force could fail, how can they expect to persevere? And all the while, TRIDENT lurks in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, but are they responsible? Or will they just know an opportunity to strike when they see it?

Capital H is a panfandom superhero RP for fandom characters and OCs


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The spells and wards that once kept Attollo hidden and protected from outside forces have weakened and finally collapsed, leading to the invasion of the realm and the subsequent overthrowing of Arawn and his brethren. A much stronger and far more sinister and malevolent force has taken the reins. They have transformed the land, giving the darker nature of Attollo a chance to come forth and overrun the entire land.

Zul, the Wise of an ancient sect of immortal mages, Esha, the queen of all Succubi and Vozar, the Fallen One and purveyor of temptation have joined their considerable forces together to overthrow the old rulers of Attollo and imprison them where they can never been found. However, it doesn’t just stop at Attollo. They have many more plans and far reaching goals they wish to achieve and they shall do so by any means necessary. Thus the embassaries are task with finding and recruiting the souls that are needed to help their masters achieve their goals.

❖ ❖ ❖

Welcome to Languishment, a panfandom, sex-oriented roleplaying game set in the dark, mysterious and fantastical world of Attollo. Drawn in from an array of different dimensions and thrust into a world of magic and supernatural phenomena, characters are not just seen as an experiment any longer, but they are also seen as tools and a means to an end. The new rulers of this world are hungry for more power, but usurping entire realms is energy draining. Thus that is where the newcomers come in. They aim to tempt, seduce and cajole their new guests to fuel their plans. Those who chose to fight against their gracious offers will find that life will grow increasingly more difficult. A character’s mettle will be tested as they are presented with their deepest desires and their worst fears. Can they hope to stand up to such powerful forces or will they succumb to temptation?

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