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opening november 1st!

Armageddon. Apocalypse. End of Days.

You have all heard the words used before. Some of you might even know the lore. None of you, however, expected it to go down quite like this.

The world is in the process of dying. Disease and destruction ravage the land. Cities lie in ruins and entire civilizations have fallen virtually overnight. Humanity is becoming an endangered species with each passing day.

Don't worry, though, it's all going according to plan. What plan, you might ask? Why, God's plan, of course. Granted the instructions aren't always very clear and can be open to interpretation - wording really is funny that way - but the general concept is understood well enough. The two factions - Light and Darkness - will face off and, with the aid of an army, one side will be victorious while the other will be destroyed.

In short? Both sides are gearing up for the ultimate smackdown and have circumvented the walls of reality itself in order to bring in recruits to aid them in their ultimate victory.

So pick a side. Will you fight next to the Archangel Michael and help usher in a new Heaven on Earth? Or perhaps you're more comfortable following the Devil Himself into battle and ensuring your place as a king amongst captives when Hell takes over? Or maybe you're the risky type and want to stay neutral. Wait it out and see what happens. Whatever your choice, one thing is absolutely, crystal clear.

Once you've been recruited, you're here to stay. So choose wisely. Your future depends on it.

Welcome to the Endgame.

[The Endgame is a pan-fandom roleplay experience set in an Original Universe with heavy influence from the Christian concept of the end of times, with a significant twist. We have an over-arching storyline, with occasional moderator run subplots, and very much encourage player-based plots as well. All fictional characters are welcome, provided they fit into the overall concept of the game. The game is set to open on November 1st!]

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On a normal Sunday morning the world changed. A major Solar Event sends waves of radiation through space towards Earth. Within minutes it strikes without warning. The sky, a rare but cheery blue over England's capital, is suddenly filled with white, blinding light. Radiation burns through every city and every town, every small settlement in it's path.

Nothing on the surface survives.

But down below, in the Underground, there are people. People who are hurt, people who are frightened, but they are alive. They may be grateful now, but this is only the beginning.

London Lost is a jam-jar apocalyptic/dystopian game set in modern London. There are few survivors here, confused and hungry and about to be joined by people from worlds unlike their own. The Solar Event has changed things, has changed the fabric of the Universe and of Space and Time, pulling through visitors from other Realities, other parallel Earths and even further afield. Can your character lead these people to a new bright future, or are the just delaying the inevitable?

Join Us at the Test Drive Meme or Reserve a Character!

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The Year Above is a long-term game which follows one group of Hogwarts students through their school career and beyond. We begin in 1990 with our young people starting Hogwarts and the first year (the year before Harry Potter attends Hogwarts) will be mainly a social game, with events becoming darker and more complicated in later years as we follow the timeline of the books. How will they react to Harry Potter starting Hogwarts? Muggle-borns being petrified? A crazed killer being on the loose from Azkaban? The game emphasis is on character development and will provide the opportunity for a truly representative experience of the rise and fall of friendships, the highs and lows of growing up, and how 'ordinary' people are affected by war.

Most wanted: Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe, Analisa Montgomery, Slytherins, purebloods

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