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On a normal Sunday morning the world changed. A major Solar Event sends waves of radiation through space towards Earth. Within minutes it strikes without warning. The sky, a rare but cheery blue over England's capital, is suddenly filled with white, blinding light. Radiation burns through every city and every town, every small settlement in it's path.

Nothing on the surface survives.

But down below, in the Underground, there are people. People who are hurt, people who are frightened, but they are alive. They may be grateful now, but this is only the beginning.

London Lost is a jam-jar apocalyptic/dystopian game set in modern London. There are few survivors here, confused and hungry and about to be joined by people from worlds unlike their own. The Solar Event has changed things, has changed the fabric of the Universe and of Space and Time, pulling through visitors from other Realities, other parallel Earths and even further afield. Can your character lead these people to a new bright future, or are the just delaying the inevitable?

Join Us at the Test Drive Meme or Reserve a Character!

Premise // FAQs // Rules // Applications // IC Journal // OOC Journal
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Ludosium RP
 is a paragraph-style roleplay group, and yes, you are required to fill out an application to join. There is no limit to the amount of people that can join, and you can have any kind of character you want so long as they follow the rules and are moderator-approved.

Ludosium RP takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the city of Prosumine, run by a strict and harsh dictator. Recently, stories have been popping up about a far away heaven-on-Earth sort of place known as “Ludosium.”, But there’s one problem.

Beyond the city walls, the wasteland is vast and teeming with monsters of all kinds. Mutants, bloodthirsty creatures, and zombies are just a few of the dangers that await on your journey to Ludosium.

Ludosium RP is set in a post-apocalyptic future with two main locations. The City and the Wasteland.

The City:

The city of Prosumine (Pro-soo-mean), Arizona is the main location, and one of the last and biggest safe-havens left in the United States. It is heavily populated and heavily guarded. No-one is ever seen going in or out of the city.

The Wasteland:

Outside the city walls, a barren wasteland stretches as far as the eye can see. Infested with mutant creatures, zombies, and bloodthirsty animals that would rip even the strongest man to shreds; hardly anyone survives outside of the havens. Can you?

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