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Exactly ten years have passed since the last Sorceress War. Not only have Squall Leonhart and his team gone on to become public figures in their respective fields of expertise, but the world itself has flourished. Esthar, the once reclusive technological marvel, lowers its cloaking devices in a show of faith to the rest of the world; the absence of Deling City's once tyrannical stronghold over the Galbadian continent allows the passion for transportation and telecommunication to make their triumphant return. A formerly sparse world map sees the reconstruction of towns desiccated by the strains of military occupation, and new settlements seem to pop up overnight.

People, however, are never far from conflict. Vinzer Deling was by no means the only man hungry for power, and the last decade has given rise to countless others poised for global domination. Religious zealots known as Hyne's Descendants decry the use of magic and Guardian Forces by those unworthy, and are rumored to have found ways of tampering with natural draw points to poison its users. Finally a group of concerned citizens, calling themselves Cultivators, advocate for the reformation or complete dismantling of Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia. In the absence of a Sorceress threat they are convinced Garden is but a breeding ground for trained mercenaries at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

Of course, those closely affiliated with the Gardens know that its services are needed now more than ever. A changing world leads to civil unrest, and there are fires big and small to be put out. Their mission statement may have begun with the protection of innocents against Sorceresses, but it certainly hasn't ended there. Our story carries on and the state of the future is still yet to be determined.

junctioned is a Final Fantasy VIII game set ten years after the fall of Ultimecia. It centers around Balamb Garden's staff and student body, with opportunities for further characterization elsewhere. We allow canon FFVIII characters, characters from other Final Fantasy games that can be edited to fit the setting, and original characters.

We've also got a couple of open slots for FF8 characters like Selphie, Irvine, Edea and Raijin! Check our wanted board for sought after lines and characters.
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Welcome to the Proserpina Space Station.

You were at home, at school, at work. You were travelling. You were asleep. You are here now, and you have no idea where here is.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Edge of Forever is a pan-fandom, deep space survival game. The space station 'docks' in various worlds, and the current inhabitants of the station are given a mission. Complete it, and you are rewarded. Fail, and you will be punished.

EoF is highly plot driven, with a very active storytelling community that has been exploring the stars for almost a year. The mod team has an overarching plot for the game timeline. We would like you to join us.

  Questions? Contact the Mods     |     Visit us at

Now Accepting Applications.
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In the near future; terrorism has evolved. Through the Organization known as RONIN the threats to the world have all become connected and have simultaneously gone underground. Nationless and Nomadic, RONIN opperates all over the world while retaining maximum invisiblity.

To fight this new threat, the nations of the world have come together to form GHOST. A network of spys and assassins designed to fight RONIN’s operatives wherever they show their faces. From their unmarked Island Headquarters (established in neutral territory and not beholden to any one state or nation) GHOST Agents travel all over the world carrying out their mission objectives.
Shadow Games is an open-ended plot based game with stories and scenarios contributed by both Mods and Players. The game is based on Planet Earth in a semi-futuristic setting with a Secret Agent/Spy theme.

Your character is either a member of G.H.O.S.T. [Global Humanitarian Operative Stealth Taskforce] or their enemy the Organization known as R.O.N.I.N. [Rogue Organization Nemesis Infiltration Network] They aren’t always up front about which one either. So it’s possible that the GHOST member the players work alongside is actually a double agent, and vice versa. That’s all up to the players!

We’re currently taking character reserves, and applications will be open at the end of January.

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