Aug. 25th, 2014

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Welcome to the land of the Fae, where the Court of Light and the Court of Night are eternally opposed.
The Winter Queen is done and gone; the time of the Summer King approaches. The Oak Throne lies empty until then. Now the intriguing begins as Seelie and UnSeelie alike work to raise their station before He takes his seat. Will trickery, lies and deceit win the day or will hard work and earnest heart seize lordship of the Fae lands once again?

But what about you?

Are you a mortal, enticed through a Gate, now living a life among the fairy folk, unable to return home?
A creature of light and honour or something dark and dangerous? You might be Fae, an elf, Redcap, selkie, Will 'O Wisp or spriggan, a goblin, gnome or pixie?

Underhill is a small game/gpsl with a quick application and a lot of creativity. World-building and character creation are open-ended. Played-bys are both optional and welcome.
~~~Game Information.~~~ Held & Taken. ~~~ Application.~~~ Dropbox.
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SDBD Just had a MASSIVE update, and is still in the progress of it. New Races, Writing Challenges, an updated Skin, a new vampire Master of the City, and the Idimmu, our most unusual and well hidden race finally stepping out of the shadows! 

In the coming weeks we'll be unveiling 3-4 new races, 2 new writing challenges, updated info/lore to several of our Shifter species, 2 new Half Demon types, and our most exciting change; Las Vegas as a fully playable sister-city!!!

So keep checking back!!!


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