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Oakdell is a small, but metropolitan, town on the sunny shores of Northern California. One day, for no obvious reason you can place your finger on, you wake up here.

The bed you wake up in is comfortable and, as you explore your new abode, you couldn't possibly complain about your accommodation. It's very much your dream home brought to life, if such a thing could exist in reality, whether that is a small town house, a beach house or one of an exclusive range of apartments. You feel that this place was made just for you.

Beside the bed is a tablet, on which you will find a message which reads:

Welcome Stranger, I cannot possibly know what circumstances you will find when you arrive in Oakdell but when I was brought here it was at a time of great upheaval. Many people, from times and places I could not even imagine, converged here and were unable to leave, save that the Gods themselves decreed it so. It is not important that you know of me, just that I send you this message, from the magic device you hold in your hand.

This town is cursed. No spell known to man can free you from its grip, though many have tried. The freedom to live, work and exist here is but a small return for holding you captive from your friends and homes, but it is something. You may choose to work, should it give your life meaning, or move house, if you feel so inclined. But you may never leave. I wish you luck, friend, as I suspect you shall be in need of it, though I doubt our paths shall ever cross. Keep this device safe, as it will allow you contact with others taken in similar circumstances, and may the Gods be with you always.

◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Oakdell is a panfandom game that is set in an alternative fictional town. There will be monthly plots and lines can be carried over.

Rules & Faqs | Taken | Apply | Holds | Members Section
Living Arrangements & Town | Wanted | Drop Box


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