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Created on 2009-04-22 09:49:02 (#115210), last updated 2017-09-11 (5 weeks ago)

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Name:Roleplay Ads - Advertise your game here!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For advertising your roleplay community
-Any roleplaying community is welcome here no matter what site it's hosted at.
-Do not use huge or layout breaking tables for advertising, those will be deleted (pictures/tables in your ads ARE fine though)
--If you do the above by accident and fix it that's fine.
-You may post your ads ONCE a day UNLESS your ad is still on the first page in which case you need to wait. If your ad is still on the first page after 2 weeks have passed then you are free to DELETE your old ad and post a new one.
-Do not post again when your ad is knocked off the first page if it hasn't been a day since you posted. Other people need a chance to advertise too.
-No trolling or causing drama.

This place can also be used for players to request a game.

Hi! I play Sirius Black and I'm looking for a Marauders-Era Hogwarts Game.

::insert examples of roleplaying experience and such here::

[community profile] nowallareone - is an 'any Transformer canon' roleplay, with the characters all in a nexus type environment.
[community profile] musing_way - is in the vein of theatrical_muses on LJ, with weekly prompts, players are encouraged to carry on 'in-character' threads also.

Please make sure to read the rules of any RP before joining and posting.

If you wish to affiliate PM [personal profile] faye
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