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OBSCURUMS is a roleplaying community set in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. We are a horror based, supernatural rp community with a focus on the lives of people both natural and not so....natural. There are some things out there which our feeble, simple, human minds cannot comprehend. Some of us who are exposed to these obscure things do so either willingly or otherwise. This world is strange, and the world of the unknown is vast. Currently, the game takes place in present time, 2017, with the life of those obscure supernatural entities on the brink of being exposed to everyone.

Political groups, albeit underground and only known to the other supernatural communities, are working tirelessly against each other in a power struggle against the royalty of New Orleans and the Vampire council, a hierarcy of Vampires who work to "keep the peace" among the supernatural world and the humans. However, there is a rogue group working against them to expose the group and everything else as a means of bringing everything together and putting it out in the open and to release them from a life of obscurity.


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