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Winds of Tollanara

Winds of Tollanara


The winds of Tollanara are beginning to stir with change... 

Tollanara has always been a land made up of unique communities (cantrevs) that can be vastly different in terms of population, wealth, production, climate, and governance. One thing that has always bound each cantrev together, however, is the loyalty of each cantrev's leader to the High King. 

Some of these subject kings remain in their cantrevs governing their lands year round, but many now have residences in the metropolitan city-state of Caer Athaund where they form the core of the city's noble class and serve the High King directly, visiting their own territories only once or twice per year and leaving stewards to the business of local governance.

Some of Tollanara's current rulers no longer feel they are treated as equals among the subject kings, or are seeking to be treated as equals with the High King himself. Possibly even usurp the current High King and rule themselves. Then there is the matter of the citizens themselves- some groups, in numerous caers and cantrevs throughout the land, are unhappy being ruled by subject kings and a High King. Some would rather do away with kings altogether, forming Free Cities or Free Territories instead.

In the metropolitan city-state of Caer Athaund, the throne city of the current High King, human Geraint Lhanstead, spies from plotting cantrevs run riot. Some of Geraint's closest advisors may even be plotting against him. So where can he put his trust? 

Loyal to the king is an order, comprised of unique individuals from all walks of life. This group is called King's Llaw. Meaning the Hand of the king, the Llaw, which has its base of operations at a fine fortress within Caer Athaund, is run by a small group of commanders who receive information from Geraint's council and then assemble teams of Llaw members to undertake certain tasks. 

The tasks undertaken by the Llaw can vary greatly in nature, from protecting caravans of goods to and from Caer Athaund from marauders, to gathering information of plots against Geraint in faraway nations. They may act as couriers, assassins, investigators, bodyguards, spies, or any such thing the king needs.

Tollanara is a realm greatly divided almost straight down the middle by those who cling to their old agrarian ways and those who embrace and explore technological innovations, making Tollanara a mix of Renaissance and steampunk settings. Magic and monsters abound. Adventurers seeking renown and glory set out to prove themselves against forces that seek power for themselves.

Welcome to Winds of Tollanara, a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired storytelling rpg! In this game players create characters based on a number of traits or skills and develop the lives of their characters through writing their adventures. Characters will interact with one another as an adventuring party to tell their stories amid the backdrop of political unrest within the diverse kingdom of Tollanara.


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