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After the fall of Voldemort, the wizarding world experienced a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Life improved--or went back to normal--for most. Minister Shacklebolt left office nearly 20 years later with an incredibly high approval rating, and was replaced by war hero Hermione Granger-Weasley in 2017. However, when a global recession slowed the muggle economies of the world, the wizarding world was not spared its effects, and Minister Weasley lost the 2024 election to conservative Terence Higgs.

By 2035, many wizards are out of work, shops have closed, money is tight, and the people are looking for someone to blame. A dark figure is on the rise, claiming to be by the people, for the people. But will the hero they get really be the one they need?

Resurgence is a dark, next-gen Harry Potter game hosted on Insanejournal.

WANTED: Scorpius Malfoy, Rose & Hugo Weasley, Aurors, Ministry officials, journalists, Healers, out of work/disgruntled wizards

Game opens February 1!

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