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A Neverland RP: Savage Garden

Ruthless, cunning, and deceitful---the pirates of Neverland represent the antitheses of Peter Pan and all that he stands for. They are the walking undead, souls sworn to Captain Oz andThe Devil's Whore. Their plotting is unmatched throughout Neverland. They don't see boundaries. They break them.

Whether it's through relentless attacks against the Treehouse or murdering mermaids and faeries, the pirates' ultimate goal is to remake Neverland in the name of death and sin.

Will you bleed black alongside this band of miscreants, sacrificing all that is good and pure in the world for ambition and extortion?


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Demigods, children of gods and mortal humans, walk the earth alongside all living beings unnoticed. This is thanks to something called the Mist, that keeps all magical and otherworldly things out of human perception. A group of angry demigods, self-labeled as "the Reformers", takes it upon themselves to change this. They gather together a group of demigods and try to riot, but soon find their attempts at revolution useless. They need more influence, more power, so they turn to the Gods. After being turned down by the slim majority of the major twelve gods, they gather their forces and begin plotting.

At the same time, a group of demigods who wish to keep life the way it is, also join forces and ask gods for favor; this group is called "the Preservationists". Of course, there are always people who wish to remain impartial in situations such as these. To everyone's surprise, there are enough demigods, gods, and goddesses to form a group called "the Nonpartisans". These groups parallel and crash against one another, and by the time you join us, the world is teetering on the edge of chaos. What sides do you choose, demigod? Your decision begins here.

The Favor of the Gods