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Love As Thou Wilt

Kushiel's legacy I

Would you like to be a young noble playing the games of thrones or courtship? Or perhaps an adept in the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers, a Cassiline Brother, the Royal Admiral, or a Menekhetan diplomat?

The Kushiel RPG is a play-by-email roleplaying game based on Jacqueline Carey's bestselling Kushiel's Legacy books. We are starting a NEW GAME. This game is set 300 years before the events of Kushiel's Dart. Come join us for intrigue, fetes, assignations, and more!

To play, you must be 18 years or older and join both the Kushiel RPG and Kushiel RPG OOC lists.
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The Year Above is a long-term game which follows one group of Hogwarts students through their school career and beyond. We begin in 1990 with our young people starting Hogwarts and the first year (the year before Harry Potter attends Hogwarts) will be mainly a social game, with events becoming darker and more complicated in later years as we follow the timeline of the books. How will they react to Harry Potter starting Hogwarts? Muggle-borns being petrified? A crazed killer being on the loose from Azkaban? The game emphasis is on character development and will provide the opportunity for a truly representative experience of the rise and fall of friendships, the highs and lows of growing up, and how 'ordinary' people are affected by war.

Most wanted: Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe, Analisa Montgomery, Slytherins, purebloods

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Exactly ten years have passed since the last Sorceress War. Not only have Squall Leonhart and his team gone on to become public figures in their respective fields of expertise, but the world itself has flourished. Esthar, the once reclusive technological marvel, lowers its cloaking devices in a show of faith to the rest of the world; the absence of Deling City's once tyrannical stronghold over the Galbadian continent allows the passion for transportation and telecommunication to make their triumphant return. A formerly sparse world map sees the reconstruction of towns desiccated by the strains of military occupation, and new settlements seem to pop up overnight.

People, however, are never far from conflict. Vinzer Deling was by no means the only man hungry for power, and the last decade has given rise to countless others poised for global domination. Religious zealots known as Hyne's Descendants decry the use of magic and Guardian Forces by those unworthy, and are rumored to have found ways of tampering with natural draw points to poison its users. Finally a group of concerned citizens, calling themselves Cultivators, advocate for the reformation or complete dismantling of Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia. In the absence of a Sorceress threat they are convinced Garden is but a breeding ground for trained mercenaries at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

Of course, those closely affiliated with the Gardens know that its services are needed now more than ever. A changing world leads to civil unrest, and there are fires big and small to be put out. Their mission statement may have begun with the protection of innocents against Sorceresses, but it certainly hasn't ended there. Our story carries on and the state of the future is still yet to be determined.

junctioned is a Final Fantasy VIII game set ten years after the fall of Ultimecia. It centers around Balamb Garden's staff and student body, with opportunities for further characterization elsewhere. We allow canon FFVIII characters, characters from other Final Fantasy games that can be edited to fit the setting, and original characters.

We've also got a couple of open slots for FF8 characters like Selphie, Irvine, Edea and Raijin! Check our wanted board for sought after lines and characters.
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Plot | Rules & Rating | Face Claim | Advertise

What we offer:
*Welcome threads for each new account – You should never doubt that we want you around.

*Guest-friendly shoutbox and chatroom to talk plot before making commitments – None of us like joining a site only to find that it isn’t a good fit for us, so we don’t mind talking first and letting you decide.

*No word count – All we ask is that you post enough to give your fellow poster something to respond to, whether this is one sentence or one thousand words. We much prefer quality over quantity.

*Mobile-friendly Forum

*Informative application – By informative, we don’t mean difficult. There is no length requirement. We just want to learn about your character.

*Quick turnaround on approvals – An approval only requires one admin out of four to look over the profile.

*You choose your character’s house – This goes for current and past students, as long as there is an opening.

*Friendly community – If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be advertising.

*No OOC discrimination, but there could be plenty IC ;)

*Easy character placement – We have so many areas to play in that it would be hard to decide there was nowhere for your character.

*LBGT friendly – Your character’s sexuality is not a concern for anyone, and, for those transgendered characters, we’ll go with however they identify. The only male/female division is in the school dorms, and your character would generally be roomed with whatever gender they identify with, or, by request, have their own room. If you’re worried for personal reasons, don’t be. No one else has the right to tell you how to live.

*Brand new – You’ll have a chance to get in on the ground floor when almost everything is open.

What we do not offer:
*OOC Drama (if there is a disagreement between players, they take it off-site. Or they will, as it hasn’t happened yet.)

*Cliquey behavior – What is the point honestly?

*Canon characters – But we have descendants open for adoption.

*No character bans – The only way I see this changing is if one year of a house is full.
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SDBD Just had a MASSIVE update, and is still in the progress of it. New Races, Writing Challenges, an updated Skin, a new vampire Master of the City, and the Idimmu, our most unusual and well hidden race finally stepping out of the shadows! 

In the coming weeks we'll be unveiling 3-4 new races, 2 new writing challenges, updated info/lore to several of our Shifter species, 2 new Half Demon types, and our most exciting change; Las Vegas as a fully playable sister-city!!!

So keep checking back!!!



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SDBD Just had a MASSIVE update, and is still in the progress of it. New Races, Writing Challenges, an updated Skin, a new vampire Master of the City, and the Idimmu, our most unusual and well hidden race finally stepping out of the shadows! 

In the coming weeks we'll be unveiling 3-4 new races, 2 new writing challenges, updated info/lore to several of our Shifter species, 2 new Half Demon types, and our most exciting change; Las Vegas as a fully playable sister-city!!!

So keep checking back!!!



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A Neverland RP: Savage Garden

Ruthless, cunning, and deceitful---the pirates of Neverland represent the antitheses of Peter Pan and all that he stands for. They are the walking undead, souls sworn to Captain Oz andThe Devil's Whore. Their plotting is unmatched throughout Neverland. They don't see boundaries. They break them.

Whether it's through relentless attacks against the Treehouse or murdering mermaids and faeries, the pirates' ultimate goal is to remake Neverland in the name of death and sin.

Will you bleed black alongside this band of miscreants, sacrificing all that is good and pure in the world for ambition and extortion?


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History Rules Application Taken Characters Reserved Characters OOC Community

You might have heard of Liber Omne Omnis, but probably not. You may have heard it called The Ominous Library. Either way, you find yourself standing in a gigantic library, filled with a thousand books. This is one small part of Libre Omne Omnis. Like many others before you, you've been drawn to Library that exists between all realities. The books on the shelves contain the stories and histories of every reality and almost every person who ever existed. New books appear almost every day, to be sorted and shelved by the Teachers, an order of scholars dedicated to knowledge and sharing it.

Don't worry. You can come and go, as you please. The books are not mere paper, filled with precious words. They are portals to the realities they tell about. Any world or reality you've ever heard of can be accessed from the Library. Wonderland, Narnia, Neverland? All of these are at your fingertips. Merely take up the book and go adventuring! Beware though. Some realms are sweet places, but others are not. For every Land of Oz, there is a Land of Mordor. The Librarian will not be pleased, if you come back to the Library with Cthulhu on your heels!

The Library itself is not entirely safe. The Librarian does his or her best, but the books are easily opened and not always from the Library side. An unwary Reader is likely to stumble across an infestation of tribbles or find a plate of cookies that say Eat Me. Consume unattended food and drink at your own risk. Some things, despite the best efforts of the staff, have taken up permanent residence in the Library. More than one ghost now haunts the shelves in the horror section. Strange plants, animals, and voices should be reported immediately.

For those wanting to stay, the City of Liber provides free housing and the Library provides free meals and simple clothing. However, there is commerce in the city and every vendor will accept any known coin from the different realities. The people who find their way to the Library and the City of Liber are called Readers. Any Reader is free to start their own business, go to work for someone else, or simply spend their time adventuring.

Be warned! If you choose to engage in criminal activity, the Librarian is not a dusty person who puts away books. The office of Librarian exists to protect the Library and the City from anyone who would endanger it or the Readers. The Librarian is authorized to do whatever is necessary to keep the peace. You will get a trial, with a jury made up of Teachers, but Library justice is swift, if rarely fatal. If you get yourself into trouble in another reality, you are on your own, unless you can convince a friend to help you.

Upon entrance to the Library, every Reader is given a watch-like device, with a small video screen. The device can be used for audio, video, and texting communication. It works everywhere, no matter what the reality a person is in. The device also has a tracking device, making it easier to return to the Library. A Reader can still find their way back, without it, but it will be far more difficult and take more time. If you have any questions or problems, please speak with the Librarian.
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[community profile] talesdressing is a brand new dressing room for the "Tales of" series. Like any dressing room, there are no applications and players can play in any theme or setting they'd like. Alternate variations of characters are accepted, such as genderswaps, ageswaps, AUs, as well as good ol' canon. PSLs and voice tests are also welcome. We're a big casual free-for-all looking to spread the Tales cheer!

The setting is Terresia, the world of the Radiant Mythology series, and home to various guilds and the World Tree.

IC Comm // OOC Comm // Mod Contact // Plurk // Guidelines // Suggestions
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The Agents of the Warehouse have been tasked with keeping the world safe from dangerous Artifacts. They travel the world, searching for these objects with mystical powers, and bring them back to the Warehouse for safe storage. Unfortunately, not everyone believes Artifacts should be tucked away and out of the hands of the general public. And some wish to take down the Warehouse altogether.

An Artifact has been broken in two – on accident or on purpose, the Agents haven’t yet figured out. What is clear is that when the Artifact was broken, it tore a hole in the barriers between this reality and all the other universes that exist.

In its broken state, this Artifact has started pulling people from their universes into this one. Innocent lives, ripped from their home, out of space and out of time, with no way back until the Agents find the missing half of the Artifact and make it whole again.

Worse, it seems someone is bent on making not only the Agents’ lives difficult, but the lives of all these people now in the Agents’ care as well. The Agents are scrambling to find the broken part of the Artifact and fix the tear between universes. They are doing all that they can, but it might not be enough.

To all those the Artifact has pulled to this universe, let us just say: Welcome to the Warehouse.

Welcome to endless wonder…



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You ever wondered what it would be like to immerse yourself into the Smash Brothers Universe? To become that cherished character you've always wanted to be? To dive into an intensive and unique story?

Well here's your chance new challenger!

Join the world of Super Smash Brothers: Life Itself and be a surviving inhabitant of the Planet Li. A strange explosion once again erupted the kingdoms of the Nintendo Universe and landed them on a planet called Li. This planet is no ordinary planet, however, it is filled with a plague and plumes of disease known as Starvia.

This disease turns those exposed too long to the air into mindless creatures called Infected. But thanks to the efforts of Samus Aaron and Professor E. Gadd, these two have built a gigantic dome that encompasses a large city filled with the remaining survivors of Li from all across the universe. This dome is the only thing keeping everyone alive.

So, are you ready to take part in scavenging missions, S.O.S. operations, and finding the source of the explosion? Here is what to expect in the world of Li:

- A Unique and indifferent world with real time environments.
- Countless and exciting missions of every kind.
- Loot, rewards, and ranks for missions and S.O.S. calls.
- Powerful and exciting bosses.
- A one of a kind story that's easy to get into.
- An awesome community with great potential to grow ever bigger.
- A PvP System.
- An endless roster of characters and colorful players from all over the Nintendo Spectrum!

So what are you waiting for? Join in on the original Super Smash Brothers RP as we perform our grand reopening and start destroying some infected with your fellow fighters!

Cya there!