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What we offer:
*Welcome threads for each new account – You should never doubt that we want you around.

*Guest-friendly shoutbox and chatroom to talk plot before making commitments – None of us like joining a site only to find that it isn’t a good fit for us, so we don’t mind talking first and letting you decide.

*No word count – All we ask is that you post enough to give your fellow poster something to respond to, whether this is one sentence or one thousand words. We much prefer quality over quantity.

*Mobile-friendly Forum

*Informative application – By informative, we don’t mean difficult. There is no length requirement. We just want to learn about your character.

*Quick turnaround on approvals – An approval only requires one admin out of four to look over the profile.

*You choose your character’s house – This goes for current and past students, as long as there is an opening.

*Friendly community – If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be advertising.

*No OOC discrimination, but there could be plenty IC ;)

*Easy character placement – We have so many areas to play in that it would be hard to decide there was nowhere for your character.

*LBGT friendly – Your character’s sexuality is not a concern for anyone, and, for those transgendered characters, we’ll go with however they identify. The only male/female division is in the school dorms, and your character would generally be roomed with whatever gender they identify with, or, by request, have their own room. If you’re worried for personal reasons, don’t be. No one else has the right to tell you how to live.

*Brand new – You’ll have a chance to get in on the ground floor when almost everything is open.

What we do not offer:
*OOC Drama (if there is a disagreement between players, they take it off-site. Or they will, as it hasn’t happened yet.)

*Cliquey behavior – What is the point honestly?

*Canon characters – But we have descendants open for adoption.

*No character bans – The only way I see this changing is if one year of a house is full.

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